Ergo2Work B.V. and Ergo2Work GmbH stand for good service, fast delivery, and above all satisfied customers. Nevertheless, it is necessary to agree some rules, the rules in this case being these terms of delivery. If you have a complaint, you can telephone us or write to us and we shall treat your complaint seriously. Ergo2Work B.V. has a very good guarantee policy.

These terms apply to all agreements you make by placing an order with Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH and by so making an agreement or placing an order, you implicitly accept these terms and may not subsequently unilaterally reject these terms or attempt to impose your own terms. By reaching an agreement or placing an order with Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH, you expressly accept these terms.



An agreement between Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH and you comes into being at the moment you place your order by sending it in by means of the telephone, e-mail, fax, or the Internet.

Order Confirmation

If you place your order by means of an e-mail or the Internet, you receive a confirmation over the Internet containing the following details:
  • Your name, address and e-mail address.
  • The product(s) you ordered, their price, shipping costs, administrative costs, and the total amount including VAT.
  • The order number for your order.
  • A reference to these conditions.
  • The e-mail address and telephone and fax number on which you can reach us with queries concerning your order.
We do not confirm orders by fax unless you specifically ask us to.


The prices on this website are quoted in pounds exclusive of shipping costs, unless specifically stated otherwise. The stated price is not binding until you receive confirmation of your order.
If a product is no longer available or the order cannot be fulfilled due to circumstances beyond our control,Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH is empowered to nullify the order. Charges will be refunded as necessary.

Companies and inhabitants of non-EU-countries do not have to pay VAT.

Payment Methods

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, the invoiced amount must be paid in full before the goods may be collected or will be delivered.
You may pay in cash by collecting your order from our premises; please make an appointment by telephone first. Payment after delivery is only possible for companies. If your order is above €1000 we ask you to pay half of the amount in advance. As soon as we received the payment we will send your order. The rest of the amount must be paid within 14 days after the invoice date.

Delivery Period

Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH recognize the importance of prompt delivery; however, the delivery time is subject to availability. Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH have most products in stock, in which case they can be delivered in one to three working days. Products that are out of stock may take between three to twenty working days to deliver. This website tries to give you an idea of the delivery time when you order a product. This delivery time is not binding. If delivery takes longer than was indicated, then we shall inform you of this. In the case of an extended delivery time, you have the right to cancel the order. Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH cannot be held liable for any losses arising from an extended delivery time. You may contact us if you have questions concerning delivery time.

Shipping Costs

The shipping costs vary per country you order from, irrespective of the number of items on the order. (Industrial matting and the Mobile LCD/Plasma Stand are an exception; transport costs for these are assessed on an order-by-order basis.)The shipping costs are stated separately on the order-confirmation and the invoice. Orders collected from our premises incur no shipping cost, even if these are mentioned on the order-confirmation. Orders from outside your country incur the usual shipping costs for that country.


Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH give a wide-ranging guarantee on the products it sells. The duration of the guarantee is related to the expected life-span of the product. The minimum duration is a year. The guarantee covers repair or replacement of defective products but does not cover misuse or damage by the user. If the product is shown to be defective within 30 days, Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH will send a replacement. After 30 days, the product may be sent in for repair. Besides our guarantee, the manufacturer gives their own one year guarantee. For products bought from us, you may continue to use our support.

Damage in Transit

When goods are delivered, the customer, by accepting and signing for the goods, undertakes that they were received in good condition. This means that, if the customer finds damage AFTER accepting and signing for the goods, then any damage caused in transit is the responsibility of the customer. It is therefore very important that the customer checks for any signs of damage that may have occurred in transit BEFORE accepting the parcel; if any is detected, the customer should refuse to accept the delivery and inform us immediately and we shall arrange for a replacement to be sent as soon as possible. However, from experience we know that the chance of damage in transit is very small (less than 1 on 1000 consignments).

Computer Equipment

If you buy any goods that connect to a computer, you should ensure that you purchase equipment that:
  • will correctly connect to your computer.
  • satisfies the system requirements specified.
If you have any doubts about the suitability of equipment, please contact us.

Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right, up to 14 days after receiving the products, to cancel the order. No reason need be given. You may cancel your order by e-mail, telephone or fax. The order number should be clearly stated. If you have already received the ordered products, you must return the product in the original, unopened packaging to: Ergo2Work B.V., Postweg 50, 6523 LD Nijmegen, The Netherlands, for the attention of the E-commerce department. You can also send it to: Ergo2Work GmbH, Im Hammereisen 18, 47559 Kranenburg, Germany. Risks and costs for the return delivery are the customer's responsibility. When the packaging has already been opened we can only accept the package if it is not damaged and has the original packaging.

Questions and Complaints

Queries regarding orders can be sent by e-mail to us. Please state the order number clearly. Other queries should be sent by e-mail as well.
All complaints concerning products supplied by Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH will be dealt with seriously.


Personal data entered when making an order will only be used by Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH for accounting purposes. Your data will not be passed on to third parties. You may at any time request to see your personal data as held in our records. Send a written request (by fax, letter or e-mail) to Ergo2Work B.V. or Ergo2Work GmbH administration and we shall supply a summary of your personal data within two weeks.